Solutions Unified Communications IP Phones Systems VoIP systems use IP technology to help you easily control and manage your business phone system.  It gives you the ability to connect to the Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) while staying connected to VoIP, which allows you to save money and have more features, at the same time. Company Size Whether your company is small or large, you need features to make you effective at what you do. Digium Phone Systems have tools that let your calls find you and your employees anytime, anywhere. Mobility. At your desk or on the road Home  | Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  | Company  | Contact Us 1.888.635.2440 LinkedIn FaceBook Twitter SwitchTel Communications Logo Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  Customer Experience You can honor your customer’s time by having complete control over where and how their call is being handled.  You can continually improve your company’s customer service by having real-time visibility, verifying information and making adjustments. How your calls are handled, speaks for your business. Unified Communications increase your company’s efficiency by providing a consistent integrated interface and experience for the user across multiple devices.  By utilizing a variety of communications and features you create a COMPLETE solution for your company. Unified Communications