Our Services SwitchTel Communications delivers state of  the art connectivity to businesses and  residential customers.  Our clients can do  more than simply talk.  They can communicate using (UC) Unified Communications features  that make it possible to improve on the  quality, efficiency and the savings over legacy systems.  As these technologies advance,  SwitchTel Communications customers are able to deploy new services and features already a part of their new phone system.  Additionally, we offer a Hosted Solution that eliminates the need for an organization to make a major capital expenditure for an upgrade and with no maintenance and upgrade cost. Staying connected no longer means being tied down to cables and phone lines.  Accelerated deployment of Wireless Internet Technology has enabled instant connectivity from home, office, car, outdoor vacation spots and more. We are committed to assisting our customers with the sale and deployment of technological applications that result in competitive advantage, economic Best Practice and increased profitability.  As an Authorized Reseller of the Open Source Asterisk Telephony Platform and the complete Digium product line, SwitchTel is positioned to solve all of your IP PBX issues. Additionally, our Telecom partner relationships with both Tier 1 and 2 carriers enables us to address all of your high speed Voice, Data, and Internet challenges. Digium Gateway Digium System Services Voice, Data Internet MPLS, VPN, and Security Business Phone System Hosted IP Phone Systems Annual Service Agreements Voice Calling Plans High Speed Broadband Wireless Integration IP PBX Telephony Systems Analog           and Digital Telephony Cards Asterisk Products Home  | Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  | Company  | Contact Us 1.888.635.2440 LinkedIn FaceBook Twitter SwitchTel Communications Logo Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  Wireless Services Business Phones Systems High Speed Data & Internet Services Hotel WIFI Hospital Wireless Internet School WIFI Campgrounds WIFI Mall WIFI Office Building WIFI Convention WIFI Municipalities WIFI