SWITCHTEL Communications Our objective is to assist our customers in deploying Unified Communications (UC) Technology that will leverage Return on Investment (ROI) and reduce the overall cost of current and future communications.  As a partner with the leading telecommunication carriers in the Northeast and with Digium, we are well positioned to bring a broad selection of integrated solutions to our customers.  Each of our products and service solutions represent the best all around applications since every challenge is unique and each resolution is custom.  Our core Business Phone System & Wireless Internet service is addressing growing corporate mandates for system upgrades.  We welcome you to explore the vast possibilities and savings available to your organization by partnering with SwitchTel  Communications.  Company Features Business Woman Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  Home  | Products  | Solutions  | Services  | Get A Quote  | Company  | Contact Us 1.888.635.2440 LinkedIn FaceBook Twitter bkgrd1 Unified Communications Discover what Unified Communications means for your business. bkgrd3 On-Site Vs. Hosted? Switchvox or Asterisk? SwitchTel Communications Logo Unified Messaging Receive fax and voicemails in your e-mail inbox. Asterisk Communications Open Source Development Platform.